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George Bien conducting an hypnosis session

A highly emotionally-charged hypnosis session by George Bien

George - cover story of the American Board of Hypnotherapy

A dynamic hypnosis demonstration by George Bien

George Bien demonstrating hypnotic suggestibility testing

George Bien
featured in Gary Null's Best-Seller!

Gary Null's Encyclopedia of Natural Healing.

George Bien was
featured in Gary Null's
Encyclopedia of Natural Healing with audio excerpts from the radio show that featured the actual testimonials.

Hypnotic suggestibility testing

George Bien
featured in the "Best-Seller"
Just A Breath Away
by Rev. Ed Tabbitas.

George Bien conducting an hypnosis seminar for the Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers

Three needles inserted in hand and subject feels absolutely nothing!!

Needle Anesthesia with Hypnosis

Click here for hypnosis needle video.

Below: A modern medical miracle facilitated by hypnosis.

Lennie and George
Lennie & George

George Bien's hypnosis graduate Lennie (above), was casually sitting on one of those large exercise balls, she slipped back and hit the top of her spinal column in such a way (one shot in a million) that her head was literally disconnected from her spinal cord. If she had moved a fraction of an inch in any direction, her head would have literally disconnected completely!

Read more about this extraordinary event!

About Hypnosis . . .

Hypnosis is NOT sleep.  What actually happens is a person's focus is dramatically heightened and he/she creates, what is called, "Super-Awareness."   There is no loss of consciousness.  The conscious mind simply becomes the observer of the special work done by the subconscious.  There is absolutely no surrender of the will or loss of control.  A "strong will" actually enhances the process because a person's self-control is literally strengthened.  Hypnotizability is NOT gullibility and weak-mindedness.   The more intelligent the person is, the better he/she can respond.

 Hollywood rendition of a hypnotist using George Bien's eyes. The picture on the left is Hollywood's rendition of a typical hypnotist.
Yet, nothing can be further from the truth!




Selective Thinking:
Hypnosis creates "Selective Thinking," which is whatever you believe wholeheartedly.  If you believe that you feel no pain, and believe it completely, you feel no pain.  Yet if you let even the slightest doubt come in, the selective thinking vanishes.  The critical faculty is no longer bypassed and the pain is felt.   Selective thinking disappears not only when doubt enters, but also when fear comes in.

You Do Not Have To Be In Deep Hypnosis To Obtain Benefit:
The depth of hypnosis does not always correlate with the degree of suggestibility.   Even if one goes no deeper than the lightest stages and is merely mildly relaxed, one will still be able to benefit from the therapeutic effects.

George Bien hypnotically standing on a woman.
Warning: Do not attempt the above without proper training.

Three Essentials for Successful Hypnosis:

  1. Your consent to be hypnotized, either tacit or implied.  You cannot be hypnotized against your will.  You can however, be hypnotized without knowing it.
  2. A comfortable communication between you and the hypnotist.  It's not the hypnosis that creates the response, it's the rapport.  Hypnotic Rapport is a meeting of the minds on the emotional level.
  3. Freedom from fear on your part. Fear is the biggest limiting factor to the hypnotic process.

Download George Bien Video "Challenging Hypnosis Definitions"

How Hypnosis Works:

The mind is extremely suggestible and is being bombarded constantly with suggestive stimuli from the outside, and suggestive thoughts and ideas from the inside.  A great deal of suffering is the consequence of the negative thoughts and impulses invading one's mind from subconscious recesses, referred to as "self talk" by Albert Ellis, and "automatic thoughts" by Aaron Beck.  Past experiences, guilt feelings, and repudiated impulses and desires often push themselves into awareness, directly or in disguised forms, sabotaging one's happiness.  This, over time,  then becomes habitual behavior.  Hypnosis creates a direct access to the storehouse of these negative messages, hence it helps give insight into their origin.  It then offers the opportunity to replace them with positive ones.





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