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2006 Issue
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George Bien's Video Tribute to Gil Boyne
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George's Message: A Tribute to Gil Boyne

When I initially created this e-zine, I never planned on devoting an entire issue to one person.  This issue is the exception.  It is devoted to my illustrious hypnosis mentor, colleague and friend, Gil Boyne.  If you haven’t heard of Gil, you must be very new to the field of hypnosis.  He has virtually, single-handedly defeated every bill (that he was made aware of) that would prohibit the free and open practice of hypnotherapy.  He is also responsible for hypnotherapy as a profession in the United States, as listed in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.  The legacy that he has established is beyond definition, and includes most of the luminaries in the field of hypnosis, some of which include: Randall Churchill, Gerald Kein, Marshall Sylver, and yes, George Bien.  The legacy continues in our students.  Randall Churchill has trained thousands, as have Norm Caldwell and Marshall Sylver.  Gerald Kein trained such notables as Calvin Banyan and many others, and I can humbly say that I have also trained hypnosis stars such as Dr. James Song, Dr. Barry Seedman, Dr. John Gatto, Roxanne Louise, Dr. Jamie Feldman, John Petrocelli, Zalman Segal, and so many more.  There isn’t a continent on this planet that hasn’t been touched by the legacy left by Gil Boyne.

George with hypnosis mentor Gil Boyne (1987)
Gil Boyne and student Hypnotists George and Mike (1987)
George and Gil in Glendale, CA
(1987) Can you believe my hair?
George, Gil & Mike Stower (Dr. Mike)
Glendale, CA (1987)

Studying with Gil in the mid 1980's was intense! Classes were 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, week after week. And, if he felt that you weren't right for the program, you were out! I would be lying if I said that I wasn't scared! Then one day Gil walked up to me in class and said, "George, you have the hypnotism fever!" Those words from the Master were so inspiring, and it was this Gil Boyne "hypnotism fever" that catapulted my hypnosis career to heights beyond my wildest dreams. In less than two years after my studies with Gil, I became the World's First Recipient of the National Guild of Hypnotists President's Award; then the World's First Recipient of the Rexford L. North Memorial Trophy (the "Oscar" of Hypnosis, pictured at right); then the World's First Recipient of the Charles Tebbetts Award. I was also inducted into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame, and the list goes on and on. My success in becoming the Principal trainer for organizations such as the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and the American Board of Hypnotherapy was a direct result of Gil's guidance and encouragement. For this I say, "Thank you Gil, from the bottom of my heart!"
Dr. Rexford L. North Memorial Trophy given to George Bien (1990)

George Bien and Gil Boyne (2006)
George Bien and Gil Boyne (2006)
Almost 20 years later,
George and Gil in New York
(July, 2006)
George again with mentor
and dear friend, Gil Boyne
(July, 2006)

I recently had the pleasure and honor of spending a complete day with this “Hypnosis Legend.”  It's been a number of years since we're seen each other and this special day included lunch, and hours upon hours of illuminating conversation. Gil's charisma is so magnetic that we walked no more than a few New York City blocks, when perfect strangers (usually female) stopped us just to talk with him. He always had it, and still "has it!"

Gil displays such brilliance and extraordinary wit, that being with him is always a humbling experience. He can talk about virtually anything under the sun with such depth of knowledge and understanding. Yes, I spoke and spoke some more, but I made sure to do much more listening and digest every word uttered by this modern sage. Words of wisdom flow from Gil effortlessly, yet he is extremely humble, and incredibly entertaining. His personality is electrifying, his stories are captivating, and his wisdom and insight are riveting!

The "Hypnotic Edge" Spotlights


My Mentor, Gil Boyne

Master Hypnotherapist Gil Boyne

Gil Boyne

  • Director, Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles
  • Founder and CEO, Westwood Publishing Company
  • Founder and Director, Hypnotherapy Counseling Center
  • Co-Founder, British Council of Hypnotist Examiners
  • Executive Director, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Contact Gil at:

In the last 50 years Gil Boyne has transformed the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of people with his wise counsel. This award symbolizes global recognition for his innovative genius in the field of hypnotherapy.

Gil has received international media coverage for his work with superstars of the entertainment world such as Sylvester Stallone, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and others. His motivational programs enjoy wide acceptance with numerous world-class athletes and Olympic contenders.

Gil Boyne was inducted into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame, at Valley Forge, PA. He received the special award, "Man of the Century." This award symbolizes global recognition for his innovative genius in the therapeutic and healing applications of Hypnotherapy.

Gil was Awarded Fellowship by the National Council for Hypnotherapy (UK). He was given the "Lifetime Achievement Award," by the Royal Hong Kong Hypnotherapy Association. He was Awarded Fellowship by the Korean Hypnotherapy Association, and he was inducted into the Australian "Hypnosis Hall of Fame" by the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

Gil Boyne's accomplishments could fill an encyclopedia.
For more about Gil, go to:

Ask George:

I recently received the following e-mail from an e-zine subscriber:

Dear George,

I'm a newly certified hypnotherapist and I want to work with clients using regression therapy. I was taught that this is a process that needs to be treated very delicately. What I mean is that I should regress the patient in question very slowly into a traumatic experience, and if there are any abreactions, to bring him/her out of hypnosis immediately, relax the patient, then try the regression again. What is your take on this process? Also, how deep in hypnosis does a patient have to be to get them to change their destructive patterns?


Dear James,

You didn't mention where, and by whom, you were trained.  Since I know what most of the well-known trainers teach, I could perhaps clarify for you the regression techniques you were taught.  Also, you keep using the word "patient."  This is fine if you are a licensed medical and/or mental health professional, otherwise it might be better to refer the person as a "client."  This brings to mind another important factor. If you are neither of the above, make sure that there are no laws in your State or Province against the practice or hypnotherapy and/or psychotherapy by lay hypnotherapy practitioners.  For example, in Florida an unlicensed practitioner (this is not a simple business license but a license to practice medicine and/or psychotherapy) needs a doctor's referral.  In New Jersey, a non-licensed practitioner cannot call him/herself a "hypnotherapist, and can only call him/herself a hypno-technician or a consultant in hypnosis.  In New York there are specific guidelines for the practice of hypnosis by lay practitioners, and breaking some of these laws could get you four years in jail.  Contact some of the hypnosis organizations for the laws governing your area - hypnotistexaminers.org, iact.org, ngh.net, abh-abnlp.com, imdha.com, etc.

Now to the next part: Since you plan on doing regression work, you will most likely be dealing with a client's many suppressed emotions. Abreactions are sure to follow, so make sure that you are equipped to handle such responses.  Remember, the client will be in hypnosis, so many of their usual, every day, personal censors will be down.  They could cry hysterically, scream, yell profanity, punch, and even get out of the chair and walk or run around the room.

This leads me to the other part of your first question of "how the perform the regression itself".  You say that you were taught to do the regression very slowly and terminate the experience immediately should there be an abreaction.  You may have misunderstood what your teacher said because you should NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER bring a person out of hypnosis during an abreaction.  Stabilize the person first by having him/her focus on their breathing. A lot more can be said about this and I urge you to get more training and guidance in this process.

Back to the actual technique of hypnotic regression: The technique of bridging a client's feeling to uncover its origin has been referred to as an "emotional bridge," or what Dr. John Watkins (1971) referred to as an "affect bridge." Body awareness can also be utilized in the regression process through what is called a "somatic bridge."

Since this issue is devoted to my main mentor, Gil Boyne, let me discuss his style of "instant regression." There is no "taking your time" in this process. By "taking your time" you encourage your client to analyze what is happening rather than connect to experiences with his/her subconscious mind - the "seat of the emotions." Hence, you could lose an opportunity that is often only available through emotional responses. When Gil would get an emotion from a client, he would immediately have the client focus on the feeling in question, and while counting up, he would have the client increase it dramatically. Abreactions would definitely take place. He would then say something like this, "I'm going to count from 10 down to the number 1, and as I do, we're going back to a time and place having to do with this feeling. Number 10, 9, 8, you are drifting back in time. 7, 6, 5, you're getting younger now. 4, your arms and legs are shrinking and getting smaller. 3, 2, 1 (Gil would begin tapping the client on the forehead). "Where are you now, indoors or outside, make a choice quickly! (Gil would continue taping of the client's forehead). "Is it daytime or nighttime? Quickly, pick one! Are you alone, or is someone with you? Quickly, pick one! How old do you feel?"

Speed during this process is crucial. Gil wants only the client's subjective responses. After he gets the responses, he recaps the client's answers. "You're (age client gives) years old. You're (in/out)doors. It's (day/night)time. You're (alone/with . . . . ). Tell me what is happening. Make a report."

This is a brilliant process. Gil doesn't give the client time for evaluation, and regresses the client to the experience instantly.

To answer your second question, I'm going to use a direct quote posted by Gil Boyne concerning "depth of trance". "Until recently, the old belief prevailed that the therapeutic response of the client was linked to the depth of trance achieved during therapy. This belief is based upon another false idea that the subject goes into trance and is deepened to a supposed depth that guarantees results. Therapeutic response comes from the client's readiness for change, the relationship with the hypnotherapist, the client's willingness to give up secondary benefits, and the Grace of God. 'Depth of trance' is more correctly named 'quality of response'. So-called 'depth' is controlled by the prevailing brain wave patterns and is subject to instant change created by input from the therapist and the client's emotionalized response. Improve the result by giving up the belief that - the deeper the trance the faster the result". - Gil Boyne.

James, it takes a great deal of skill and confidence to utilize hypnotic regression effectively. I would suggest that you do an internship; maybe I'll see you in one of my programs. Another consideration would be to study with Gil Boyne himself. If you choose that route, do it now, because he is soon to retire. Having his name on a certificate is alone worth the investment, and studying with him is life-transforming!

Best always,

Email your questions to: georgebien@aol.com
Note: Do to space considerations, only one or two questions can be answered each issue. Priority will be given to questions relating to the theme of the issue.

Studying with the Master:

What was it like studying with Gil Boyne? I already mentioned above that the days were long and exhausting. But the training itself was profound - enlightening, challenging, and at times, terrifying! Gil is a no-nonsense genius who loves to teach, and if you're in his class, you better love to learn! He has trained the best, and will accept nothing less than your best. At the same time, he expresses great compassion for, and a willingness to help, any genuine learner who experiences difficulty. He truly inspires.

As I said, the studies with Gil were life-transforming. I loved his wonderful definition of hypnosis calling it, “a natural state of mind, with special identifying characteristics: an extraordinary quality of mental, physical, and emotional relaxation, with an ‘emotionalized desire’ to satisfy the suggested behavior, expressed through a heightened responsiveness to suggestion, direction, and instruction.”  An absolutely brilliant definition!

In class Gil amazed us with his ability to perform instant hypnotic inductions.  He is a master of “Speed Induction.”  He would say to a person, “Put your right hand in mine.  Now look at me.”  (Gil would look directly in the subject’s eyes).  “Take a deep breath . . . . . and” (Gil would snap his fingers while exclaiming the words) “SLEEP NOW!” He would immediately take control of the person’s equilibrium by pulling the person towards him.  At times he would have the person rest on his body, sit the person in a chair, lay him/her on the floor, or simply say the words, “You can stand a sleep!” and have the person continue standing.

Just imagine how impressed I was seeing these types of inductions throughout the training.  Remember, this was about 20 years ago.  And just when I thought I got it, Gil came out with the statement, “There is no such thing as a hypnotic induction.  An induction is just a ritual, an often needed ritual, but that’s not what induces trance.”  Statements like this kept us on the edge of our seats.

Another time, Gil stated, “The self is perfect, and therefore we cannot improve it.”  I remember thinking, “We can’t improve the self?  Why then, am I in this course?  Are all these self-improvement trainings worthless?”  Then it hit me.  Gil was referring to the “Self” just as Michelangelo referred to his sculpture of David, that “the perfect David was already there, and all he did was take away everything that was not David.”

Another eye-opener for me was when Gil quoted William James as saying, “All human beings resist change until they reach a point of readiness for change.”  And here was the clincher: Just how long does it take to change for a person who has reached the point of readiness? – “The twinkling of an eye!” – Now that's fast!.  Gil taught me what I continue to teach my students – Our jobs as hypnotherapists are to “bring people to the point of readiness for change.”

Hypnotist George Bien
Hypnotic Speed Induction
George Bien (2000),
a la Gil Boyne of the 1950s.
George performing a
Gil Boyne-Style
"speed induction"
Singapore (1997)

You’ve probably heard that old expression, “Change your mind; change your life".  Carl Jung said that change is the scariest thing for a human being. And William James said that all people resist change until they reach a point of readiness for change. In their book, "Changing for Good" (1994), Drs. James O. Prochaska, John C. Norcross, and Carlo C. DiClemente, cite six stages of change: Pre-contemplation Stage, Contemplation Stage, Preparation Stage, Action Stage, Maintenance Stage, and the Termination Stage. These begin with one being made aware that there is something that needs to be changed, and continue with the person thinking about it, preparing for it, doing what is necessary to make it happen, then sustaining enough motivation to maintain it until it becomes part of the individual. Yet, what is it that gets a person to stop resisting change and coming to that point of readiness that William James was talking about? According to Gil Boyne, there are three primary factors that create this readiness: The first is based on the price one places on suffering, be it mental, physical or emotional - a person's fear of change is often overcome when he/she has suffered enough. A case in point would be an abusive relationship where the wife finally decides, "That's it. I've had enough!", and she gets out of the marriage.

The second factor is psychic/emotional boredom and/or overwhelming anxiety, which can cause a total loss of hope that somewhere there are people or circumstances can help fill a person's needs. This, Gil says, offers two options: life-affirming activity - reaching out for help, or life-negating activity, which can be quick, as in the case of suicide, or slow through addictions and enslavements to things such as drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and more. America, and much of the world, is prone to compulsive codependency, reflected in obesity, alcoholism, gambling, addiction to pornography, and more. It's no wonder that Henry David Thoreau wrote, "Most men live lives of quiet desperation."

The third factor is the actual realization that "change is possible". This often comes from an elevated experience one gets from reading a specific book, hearing an inspiring and highly motivating talk, attending a transformational program, experiencing a friend change, and/or creating a closer relationship with God, and realizing that one is the expression of God's magnificence.

Hypnosis Tidbit:

Almost everyone has either seen or has heard of the blockbuster, smash hit series of "Rocky" movies by Sylvester Stallone. What some people are not aware of is that Stallone listened to hypnosis tapes to give him the confidence to bring his "Rocky" script to a major Hollywood producer. Then, even after getting his big break, he still feared that he didn't have the talent to pull it off. He again continuously listened to a hypnosis motivation tape. Here's what Stallone wrote in his "Rocky" scrapbook, "While shooting on location in Philadelphia, I was scared to death. Everyday I would lie down and listen to the subconscious motivation tape that was made for me."

And who made that tape for Sylvester Stallone? It was Gil Boyne!

Read about this and more about Gil in the September 3rd, 1996 issue of "The Phoenix Project", Volume 14, Number 4, pages 18 - 23.

Sylvester Stalone and his hypnotist, Gil Boyne
Sylvester Stallone and Gil on the movie set of the blockbuster hit, "Rocky"
Sylvester Stalone
and his hypnotist, Gil Boyne
Sylvester Stalone and Gil
on the movie set of "Rocky"

Useful hints for the practicing hypnotherapist:

I could write a treatise on "Gil Boyne-type" hypnotherapeutic techniques. But I would not be so bold as to suggest that Gil says, and/or uses these techniques exactly as I would write them. I studied with Gil about 20 years ago, so there might be a bit of George Bien here and there. Besides, Gil is a therapeutic genius who is always evolving, so he may have modified some of these techniques over the years. To learn Gil Boyne "Transforming Therapy", you'll just have to study with him personally. What I will do is give you in a nutshell a broader scope of what I see as the "Gil Boyne Therapeutic Philosophy".

Gil would often tell us in class that the most important rule in hypnotherapy is to "deal with what emerges!" And the key here is to extend oneself creatively by adjusting, altering, modifying, changing and shifting gears, as necessary. What worked a few moments ago, might not work now. Don't pat yourself on the back; instead stretch yourself and allow the Creative Intelligence to work through you. It was so refreshing that the day I recently spent with Gil in New York City, was not filled with boasting about how he or I changed the life of this or that person, as is so often reflected in the conversations of hypnotherapists at various hypnosis conventions. A true healer's work speaks for itself, and doesn't need to be tainted by boasting, bragging, or a need to impress.

Deuteronomy 7:15 says, "And He will take away from you all sickness....." Gil does not profess to be the healer but the instrument through which healing takes place. He is one of the most Spiritual human beings I have ever known, and he lets "Spirit" work through him. Proverbs 3:5 says, " ..... lean not unto thine own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Gil's knowledge, creativity and experience are immense, but his true genius lies in his extraordinary ability to get out of his own way, connect with the essence of Spirit, and allow the Magnificence of God to use him as an instrument to teach, motivate, inspire and help curtail human suffering.

Quote(s) of the month . . . .

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
-Albert Einstein

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions."
-Sri da Avabhas

The above quotes embrace the act of renewing our minds. Many times in class, Gil would quote Romans 12:2, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." To "renew" means to exchange one thing for another. In other words, when we take something off and put something else on, we're exchanging. If we are not willing to set aside and relinquish any hurt, doubt, misgiving, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, qualm, self-centeredness, bitterness, resentment, hostility, animosity, and so forth, our thinking process will never be renewed, hence our lives will never be transformed for the better. Since our subconscious minds cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality, it would behoove us to hold close what Benjamin Disraeli said, "Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think." It is this kind of thinking that permeates the "World of Gil Boyne."

Visit Gil at: www.gil-boyne.com Contact Gil at: gilboyne5@aol.com

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Master Hypnotherapist George Bien

In the next issue . . . . .

Sports hypnosis, hypnosis inductions and hypnotherapeutic strategies.

See you them.

Best always,


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