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George Bien conducting an hypnosis session

A highly emotionally-charged hypnosis session by George Bien

George - cover story of the American Board of Hypnotherapy

A dynamic hypnosis demonstration by George Bien

George Bien demonstrating hypnotic suggestibility testing

George Bien
featured in Gary Null's Best-Seller!

Gary Null's Encyclopedia of Natural Healing.

George Bien was
featured in Gary Null's
Encyclopedia of Natural Healing with audio excerpts from the radio show that featured the actual testimonials.

Hypnotic suggestibility testing

George Bien
featured in the "Best-Seller"
Just A Breath Away
by Rev. Ed Tabbitas.

George Bien conducting an hypnosis seminar for the Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers

Three needles inserted in hand and subject feels absolutely nothing!!

Needle Anesthesia with Hypnosis

Click here for hypnosis needle video.

Below: A modern medical miracle facilitated by hypnosis.

Lennie and George
Lennie & George

George Bien's hypnosis graduate Lennie (above), was casually sitting on one of those large exercise balls, she slipped back and hit the top of her spinal column in such a way (one shot in a million) that her head was literally disconnected from her spinal cord. If she had moved a fraction of an inch in any direction, her head would have literally disconnected completely!

Read more about this extraordinary event!

Hypnosis in Business

Psychologists suggest that stress is so prevalent in the business environment, that it's the number one reason for work missed by employees. Moreover, it can possibly lead people to eating disorders, depression, and various serious health problems.

Effects of stress on business Mental health and medical professionals say that stress is running rampant in the workplace, mental health and medical professionals say. According to the United Nations' International Labor Organization, stress is "the disease of the modern workplace."

Creative Relaxation:
"I allow myself to relax for reasons of better self-control and a more positive and confident self-image. I take three deep breaths, and with each breath, I feel a desire to close my eyes . . . and on the third breath, my eyelids close down . . . and a pleasant, relaxing and comforting feeling enters my body . . . " etc.
Benefits of creative relaxation

All basically healthy people are equal in terms of physical and mental capabilities. The only differences are the issues of motivation - values, beliefs and attitudes, which drive one to be excellent - either sticks or carrots as the motivating force.

Cycle of Human Motivation:

Beliefs affect emotions and motivation. Emotions and motivation affect effort and actions. Effort and actions contribute to results. Results reinforce or alter beliefs.

The most common ways customers describe salespeople who are in the top 5%:

  • He/she is really nice, positive and cheerful.
  • He/she is very knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy and service-oriented.
  • He/she is dependable and trustworthy.
  • Sometimes I feel that he/she works for me rather than for their company.
  • Sometimes I feel that he/she cares more about my situation than about making the sale.
  • I look upon him/her as the person who's here to help me solve my problems and/or achieve my goals.
  • He/she really understands my situation.
  • He/she really takes the time to ask the questions.
  • I see him/her as a friend, as more of a consultant, rather than a salesperson.

People buy People!

Influence is getting your customer to clearly associate his/her most desired feelings, states, or sensations with your product or service.


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The Nature of Self-Talk:

Self-talk is one's narration of reality. Self-talk pervades every moment of our lives; we never stop talking to ourselves.

More than 50,000 thoughts go through our minds each day. When we are left to our own thoughts, our rate of self-talk is about 8 times raster than normal conversation.

Salespeople often think/talk themselves into negative emotional states. They predict that something bad is going to happen as they do their presentation.

Negative effects of fear-provoking thoughts.

It is this fear-provoking thought that will make them anxious. Along with this thought is a second prediction that they will be unable to do anything about it. This thought heightens the anxiety.

  1. Thinking about the presentation.
  2. Monitoring the prospect's reactions.
  3. Assessing own state of anxiety,
  4. Monitoring own deteriorating performance.

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