George Bien -
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Cover Story

George Bien conducting an hypnosis session

A highly emotionally-charged hypnosis session by George Bien

George - cover story of the American Board of Hypnotherapy

A dynamic hypnosis demonstration by George Bien

George Bien demonstrating hypnotic suggestibility testing

George Bien
featured in Gary Null's Best-Seller!

Gary Null's Encyclopedia of Natural Healing.

George Bien was
featured in Gary Null's
Encyclopedia of Natural Healing with audio excerpts from the radio show that featured the actual testimonials.

Hypnotic suggestibility testing

George Bien
featured in the "Best-Seller"
Just A Breath Away
by Rev. Ed Tabbitas.

George Bien conducting an hypnosis seminar for the Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers

Three needles inserted in hand and subject feels absolutely nothing!!

Needle Anesthesia with Hypnosis

Click here for hypnosis needle video.

Below: A modern medical miracle facilitated by hypnosis.

Lennie and George
Lennie & George

George Bien's hypnosis graduate Lennie (above), was casually sitting on one of those large exercise balls, she slipped back and hit the top of her spinal column in such a way (one shot in a million) that her head was literally disconnected from her spinal cord. If she had moved a fraction of an inch in any direction, her head would have literally disconnected completely!

Read more about this extraordinary event!

Personal Hypnosis Sessions

Personal Custom Hypnosis CD / MP3

Master Hypnotist George Bien

George Bien has inspired and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

His dynamic and heartfelt presentations have spanned the globe. A Leading Authority in the field of human change, George Bien is the World's First Recipient of the National Guild of Hypnotists President's Award (1988); the World's First Recipient of the National Guild of Hypnotists' Dr. Rexford L. North Memorial Trophy (the "Oscar" of Hypnosis - 1990) Click here to watch a video of George receiving the Award; the World's First Recipient of the Charles Tebbetts Award (1993). He is also the only person in the world to be honored twice with the Educator of the Year Award by International Association of Counselors and Therapists. George was inducted into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame (IHHF) in 1989.

Hypnosis Sessions in Perkasie, PA!

George Bien is available for a limited number of personal hypnosis sessions in Pennsylvania, or while he is traveling.

If you are interested in experiencing hypnosis consultation/coaching sessions with George Bien, please note:

  • These are not the typical hypnosis sessions. The sessions are specially-tailored, transformational intensives.
  • You will spend approximately 2 hours with George, during which he will zero in on the desired results, then educate, motivate, reframe, contexualize, ego-strengthen, transform, and program you to help you achieve your goal(s).

"Truly the motivator of the decade - power, dedication and the ability to put it all together.  He changed my life!"
—Patrick Prozak, Long Island, NY

"George Bien changes lives. If you want to change yours, stop wasting more time. See this man NOW!"
—Vasilis Mavrommatis, Cyprus

"George interdynamically changed my attitudes on everything that I perceived as real and has unleashed such an inner peace that I am no longer a prisoner of my thoughts like I had been for 32 years."
—Michael Lewis Ginsberg, Fort Lee, NJ

"Hi George. I want to thank you so much for the hypnotherapy session you gave my daughter Ashley before she sat for her LSAT's. She went into the test 'cool, calm and collected', and 'aced' the test. She did so well that she was offered a full scholarship to St. John's Law School! I truly believe that had she not worked with you, she would not have done so well, and we would be paying off her school loans for years to come! Your session was the best investment I have ever made!"
—Therese Zangara, Long Island, NY

"I believe that he (George Bien) is the greatest at this time."
—Dr. John Gatto, Founder of the First New Jersey Hypnosis School licensed by the Board of Education;
Past President of the Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations (COPHO)

Although the choice of the number of sessions is always left up to you, George usually recommends a series of four (4) sessions, over a mutually agreed on period of time.

Please note that George's extremely busy schedule only allows for a limited number of these dynamic personal consultation/coaching sessions. Before acceptance, you must have a personal phone interview. George has an extremely busy and demanding schedule. He doesn't want you to waste your time and money, and naturally doesn't want to waste his time. The phone interview will help determine whether George is right person to help you attain your goals, and the level of your motivation for getting successful results.

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Personal Custom Hypnosis Programming MP3!

If you are unable to see George personally for a session, he can create a custom programming for you. You simply mail/email George a detailed outline of your specific goal(s). George then edits, enhances, and rewrites the outline you sent him, and creates a programming specifically tailored to your specific needs.

George then personally records the programming in his digital, state-of-the art recording studio, adds an underlying sound matrix of binaural beats, hypnotic music, and digitally creates a 360, surround-sound tapestry of the programming. The whole process usually requires 5 1/2 to 6 hours to create.

George Bien's Digital Recording Studio

You are then emailed two (2) MP3 files. One file includes the above-mentioned 360, surround-sound tapestry of the programming. The other MP3 file, includes and "enveloped saturation" of the programming, meaning that it is delivered in a 3-fold manner - the programming continues to be heard in the middle of one's head, while it is repeated in a delayed fashion in the left ear, then the right, creating a total saturation.

The two processes are both very powerful. You might favor and/or feel more comfortable with one over the other, or use both. It's your choice! This is obviously NOT the typical generic programming that is offered in stores and on many web sites. It is custom tailored specifically for YOU, and constructed to more fully access the human change mechanism!

Your two finished MP3's of the programming will be emailed to you as a zip file (There are a number of free programs available that open "zip" files. One popular program is "jZip". You can download it at:

Note: CD's are no longer available. You will be emailed two MP3's:

  1. MP3 1 includes a 360, surround-sound tapestry of the programming.
  2. MP3 2, includes and "enveloped saturation" of the programming, delivered in a 3-fold manner—the programming continues to be heard in the middle of one's head, while it is repeated in a delayed fashion in the left ear, then the right, creating a total saturation.

Please note:

  1. To order a personalized hypnosis programming MP3, you MUST be 18 years of age or older!
  2. George creates these programs at his discretion, and will only construct a customized programming that is strictly positive and empowering in nature!

The turnaround for the custom programming is usually 7 days. Note: Due to George's extremely busy schedule, it can sometimes take up to 14 days. Note: George Bien is NOT creating any Programming MP3's at this time.

Important: Before you order, send George and email with an outline of your desired programming. Note: You MUST get approval of the desired programming before ordering: Send Email.

Once approved, you will then be emailed a personal link to the payment page.
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